Eating Out?

December 18, 2009

It is often (well, in my case) that when we go out to shop or to meet-up with friends, we look for places to rest our swollen feet and to ultimately, well, eat! I have a few tips on how to look for good places to eat and give some of my favorites as well.

When I look for a place to stuff my face with food I have a few rules. First one would be to avoid Filipino food. Unless they serve up dishes that you can’t prepare at home or you’re a foreigner or a balikbayan, it’s best to avoid such places. Trust me; your home-cooking is, most of the time, better. Second would be to work around your budget. Quick! Look at your wallet! How much do you have? Good food need not be expensive. There are places where you can have a very nice meal with 50 bucks in hand and still have some change left for dessert and transpo. Last one is to decide if you need satisfy your palate or to fill up the grumbling beast that is your tummy. There are times, I’m quite sure you were so hungry and bought something because the food looks so good in the picture. After you order, you’ll discover that the item is so small it can be used as mouse trap bait. It is not impolite to ask for the serving size of an item.

Now, for some of my favorite…you guessed it…places to stuff my face with food. You’re in the mall doing your shopping and you just need a quick bite. Pao Tsin might be right for you. Located at most SM Supermarket (you know? the place where the Jamaican Patties are in too). Inexpensive at P46 for a serving of 4 dumplings and half a styro (think Jolly Spaghetti size styro) of Hainanese Rice, the bang for this one is most definitely worth the buck. But don’t expect too much especially if you watch Cooking Master Boy. No dragons coming out of the siomai here, food here’s pretty straightforward but filling nonetheless.

I also would like to make you try World Chicken. It’s in food courts, this one. Basically, they give you grilled chicken, the sauce of your choice and 1 or 2 sidings. Grub is a bit pricey for students; it’s P123 for 1 siding and P152 for 2. What appeals to me the most is the simplicity of the ordering system. The hanging menu is simple and neat unlike those of Jollibee’s.

There once was this Shawarma stall in Robinson’s Metro East, just outside the Supermarket. It’s the most delicious Shawarma I ever had yet. If I remember right, I think they had Hummus for the sauce. Too bad it vanished because I was almost exclusively buying my fix there. Real Bite Shawarma which is also MIA in Riverbanks Mall is not bad. Avoid Turk’s Shawarma, the bread’s too sweet and the beef’s too red and there’s not an ounce of goodness in it, a waste of your money.


Stupid on two wheels.

October 30, 2009

Motorcycles, in my book, are OK. I’m not crazy about getting one. It’s just funny how some people think they become “cool” or “edgy” by driving by fastly through an empty street. Whoa! I’m so impressed. You can see these Evil Kenievil wannabes in all their helmeted glory whizzing by you having a false sense of confidence. They like to think that they are better than you. You’re pedestrian scum to them! I swear there are times that I just want to get a hold of a branch and throw it in between some spokes or just clothesline the fuckers out of their bikes. What (or who) gives them authority to do these things? Yes fine, you’re badass when you do it on a freakin’ zigzag road leading up to–I dont know–Valhalla? But if you’re gonna do it on some lazy suburban street, that’s just funny. Some put speakers on their motorcycles and have playlists that appears to be networked with those terrible “patok” jeep mp3 players. Everybody (well, almost) can now afford a motorbike, it’s only a thousand bucks for the downpayment.You’re not special. Douche.

It’s not rare to see a whole family on a bike nowadays. Why would they do that? It’s against the law…and all common sense (it’s funny because it’s stupid…hehe). “Dahan-dahan lang naman patakbo ko” or “maingat naman ako eh” are not enough assurance (or insurance) on safety. There was this one time I came home from school and this bike with a family of three came out of nowhere went down on the pavement and pucha sila ang mali at talagang galit pa yung mom. The dad’s not moving, mom is hysterical and the poor kid just sat there absorbing the shock. The biggest idiot is the dad obviously, next is the mom who did not stop the airhead dad for making the whole family ride on the bike. The kid was lucky both parents had recessive “smart” genes which she can take advantage of that is, if she gets to live.

Helmets are worn in the head, not on the elbow.

Go out and register!

October 28, 2009

I don’t care who are you going to vote just go out and do it. Register today, tomorrow up until Saturday. No, it’s not too late!!! Just get up, get out and register! Register;  so come election day shot tayo!!(Of course that’s after we vote).